Guide to Picking a Great Mattress for Your ATV Trip

Guide to Picking a Great Mattress for Your ATV Trip

Guide to Picking a Great Mattress for Your ATV Trip

Have you ever woken up feeling tired, like you were involved in a karate match while asleep? Well, I have, and it is the worst feeling ever especially when ATV racing, where you are supposed to be feeling energetic and relaxed. Try Mattress guides even show that a comfortable mattress should provide excellent support to promote a good night’s sleep.

Fun fact, the oldest bed dates back to 77,000 years ago!

From my experience a great ATV mattress should have these characteristics:

  • It should adequately support your body by distributing your weight evenly and preventing lumps or holes from forming on the bed.
  • Air mattresses have to be inflated. Unfortunately, as the temperature rises or falls during the night, the volume of the air is affected. The mattress will either expand or shrink. You, therefore, need a bed with a system that controls inflation to maintain the size and shape of the mattress.
  • The weight of the mattress matters as well. It should be light enough to carry in the backpack and not too bulky to fit in the truck.
  • It should fit in your tent. Remember the size of your tent when choosing the height of the mattress. I’ve been in a situation where I had a huge and comfy bed and way smaller tent. It was funny. Please do not make the same mistake.
  • What about the R-value of the mattress? This factor applies to all air mattresses. It is how much the bed can be inflated. Those with a high R-value are more firm and thus more comfortable to sleep on.
  • The warranty. Just like an iPhone, it should come with a warranty as well. Even the pump whether bought separately or with the mattress should have a warranty.

There are many types of beds, but air mattresses are the very best in the market today. Most of my top picks will be air mattresses. A good night’s sleep is a nice plus to your ATV racing trip. I will review some of the best products on the market, and you can pick one that suits your needs. Let’s get right to it.


This mattress is both comfortable and luxurious. It is easy to get in and out of and has excellent adjustability. On the downside the top is slippery. This bed could be used at home as well; I mean how amazing is this? Doesn’t it give you real value for money?


This is the perfect addition to ATV racing gear. One good reason to buy this mattress is that the inflation and deflation process is very quiet; your neighbors can thank you later!


This one is suitable for use only on flat terrain. Any small rocks will, unfortunately, be felt. However, this mattress is quite comfortable. Another point that sets it apart is that it does not allow air leakage.


I did not mind splurging on this one; it is my absolute favorite. You get comfort, luxury, durability, and quality. It is made with 3D technology. How cool is that? For me, this was worth it. I might even pass mine down to my grandkids. It is that good and durable.


Here is a two-person mattress made from high-quality TPU material. With this choice, one gets durability and a pocket-friendly price. However, it has a low height.


This mattress supports the spine nicely and can accommodate two people. It is a high air mattress that is also waterproof and can be used in the house as well. However, it has a noisy pump.

With so many products in the market, choosing a comfy ATV mattress that suits can be a hassle. However, from the considerations we’ve made in this article, I’m sure that the process will be a bit easier. Remember to pick the one which suits you. All in all, I hope you’ll enjoy your ATV racing trip.