Tired of Eating Trail Dust?

Tired of Eating Trail Dust?


Anyone who has done much riding in Utah knows that in the summer months the dust gets bad on a lot of the mountain trails and in the winter it’s downright cold.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution to dust and cold other than a bandana haphazardly tied around your mouth to protect you?  You are in luck because there is one.

RZmasks, formerly RZRmasks, has created a tight-fitting neoprene mask with an air filter.  The active carbon air filter  is replaceable and meets N99 standards (filtering out at least 99 percent of the non-oil-borne particles of .0 micron or greater). The nose piece features a bendable piece of metal that allows for custom fitting around the bridge of the nose.  It also has a pocket for a MP3 player.

RZR Masks are available in three sizes and five color choices.  RZMasks are available online at CampingATV.com  for $29.95.

I originally saw this in an ATV magazine and I personally have been wanting to try one out. I have yet to do so but here is an excellent review of RZR Masks on Grizzly Riders Forums and another one from ATV Camping Blog