Off-Highway Vehicle Federal and State Regulations

Off-Highway Vehicle Federal and State Regulations


All OHVs operated or transported on public lands, roads or trails in the state of Utah must display a  current OHV registration sticker. The Utah Division of Motor Vehicles handles all OHV registrations.

No  one under the age of 8 is allowed to operate an OHV on public lands, roads or trails. Residents  between the age of 8 and 15 may ride, provided they possess an Education Certificate issued by Utah State Parks  and Recreation. All riders under 18 years of age must wear a helmet. For information on  Education certificates call 801-538-7433.

All OHVs are required to have a muffler and spark arrestor. Please be aware of fire restrictions. To find out about current fire restrictions in the area, call 801-342-5100 or visit

Check with the Pleasant Grove Ranger District  for the most current information on conditions and updates on seasonal or temporary closures.

Remember: All routes and areas on the Uinta National Forest are closed to motorized use unless designated open in the Travel Plan (Interagency Travel Map or posted on the ground.