ATV Wipeouts: Don’t Try These at Home (Videos)

ATV Wipeouts: Don’t Try These at Home (Videos)


In 2011, 107,500 people were treated in hospitals for ATV-related accidents, according to ATV That’s not including the ones who just bit the bullet and set their own broken legs. Somewhere in between the allure of the ATV world remains strong, albeit dangerous at times.

Even with so many funny pictures and videos of various reckless face plants, it is important to remember that they serve as warnings— maybe you shouldn’t take that 10-foot jump or max out around a blind corner.

Shattered Collar Bone

There is no denying that this looks like a great trail to conquer on an ATV. It’s clear that the driver is having the time of his life on the open, rugged road— just him, his buddy and his helmet cam. The first eight minutes and 45 seconds just showcases some good old-fashion ATV trail riding. Then, in the last few frames, you see his world spin around him in circles as he comes crashing down on the gravel. The slow motion shot reveals another ATV rounding the blind turn at the exact same time. Lesson: even in rural areas, keep to the proper side of the trail . . . and remember the faster you go, the more it’s gonna hurt.

ATV Crashes Into a Cow

Short and hilarious, this video reminds us all that sometimes cows just come out of nowhere. Try as he might, the driver just can’t seem to swerve away fast enough to miss the poor cow. Although a surprise bovine encounter may be rare, cows aren’t really known for their dexterity and speed. Lesson learned: Steer clear of steers.

ATV See-Saw Topple

The east coast accents in the background only serve to make this four-wheel faux pas more enjoyable. What better way to spend an afternoon than enlisting your buddies to stand on top of a child-size ATV and rev it as fast as you can? After their first go around without a fall, it is apparent that the two geniuses decided that another try would be a good idea. It’s no shock that it isn’t. When they fall over like a circus act, we cringe for them. But then again, these two had it coming. Lesson learned: don’t cram two grown men on a child’s ATV during a particularly icy winter.

Funny Mud Crash

The 1:18 mark is worth watching over and over again. This video clip very well may be the best ATV crash ever. As the driver’s friends egg him on to hop over the mud puddle, you can almost feel the testosterone in the air as he proudly mounts his manly machine. The best part of this video is that, even though you know a crash is eminent, it turns out to be a lot funnier than you can imagine. As he crawls out of the sludge, defeated, the bellowing laughter of his friends makes it even better. Lesson learned: too much show boating might just end in a mud puddle surprise.