Utah’s ATV/UTV Jamborees

Utah’s ATV/UTV Jamborees


Utah has thousands of miles of ATV trails, from rocky desert, to sand dunes to mountain forests. Finding new trails in Utah is fun and it’s fairly easy.  There are so many options.  Since it’s early in the riding season now is the time to do your homework and find places to ride.

One of the easiest methods of new trail discovery is attending an ATV jamboree.  Jamborees feature guides who are familiar with the trail and the local history.  Jamborees are also set up to help you choose the right trails for your skills and machine. ATV jamborees attendance is large due to their popularity. This also gives you a chance to meet other riders and share stories and experiences. Jamborees are extremely family friendly. Due to the large interest in jamborees numbers can be limited so it’s best to plan early.

The National ATV Jamboree- June 21-26, 2010:

This is the oldest of the ATV Jamborees and is held in Fillmore, UT.  Cost is $130 and includes hot breakfasts every day, 4 dinners, maps and a t-shirt. This jamboree features trails from the Paiute trails system.  Space Is limited to 500 riders. Discounts are available for couples and groups.  More information is available at their website.

The Paiute UTV Jamboree-August 12-14:

The second annual festival focused on UTVs is staged in Marysvale. The beautiful mountain trails have all been chosen to accommodate side-by-side machines. This event has no registration fees are charged. You can choose to order a shirt and meals, or not.

The Manti Mountain ATV Tour, August 13-14:

This event includes two days of riding on the Arapeen trails above Manti , a T-shirt, dinner, two lunches, and for $50. Website

The Arapeen ATV Jamboree, September 6-10:

This event is based in Ferron and features trails in the San Rafael Swell as well as the east side of the Arapeen trail system.  This jamboree is hosted by the Emery County Recreation District. The fee is $120 and includes continental breakfasts each day, two dinners and a T-shirt. Two additional dinners are available at $10 each. More Info

The San Juan ATV Safari, September 16-18:

Blanding will host this festival featuring trails in the Blue Mountains and surrounding canyons. Fees are $100 per rider with special rates for groups. The San Juan ATV Safari

The Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree, September 20-24: The largest ATV festival is sponsored by Richfield. Registration is $150 per rider and is limited to 650 participants. Fees include daily continental breakfasts, two dinners and a T-shirt. This jamboree features trails in the Paiute trail system and others in Central Utah.

Remember that the purpose of ATVing is having a good time, building bonds with friends and family while experiencing all that nature has given us.