Is Bankruptcy The End of American Suzuki?

Is Bankruptcy The End of American Suzuki?


Recently American Suzuki filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  My heart sunk a little thinking this could be the end of Suzuki ATV’s and motorcycles.  My first ATV was a 1984 Suzuki QuadSport.

American Suzuki, based in Brea, California., is the sole distributor of Suzuki vehicles in the continental United States. As part of its reorganization structure, the company has announced that it will no longer selling cars in America so that if can focus on selling motorcycles and ATV’s.  That is some great news!!!

It is worthy to note the reasons why they are filing bankruptcy.

“It said it was exiting the car business in the United States because of slow sales, unfavorable foreign exchange rates and the high costs of complying with state and federal regulatory requirements. American Suzuki sold just 2,023 cars in the United States last month.”  –Source New York Times

The bankruptcy will not affect the parent company Suzuki Motor Company of Japan.