Five Mile Pass, Utah

Five Mile Pass, Utah


My how time flies with work and the holidays, it’s been longer than I would have liked since I have posted.

Today I thought I would post some of the spots that I ride locally. I guess since it’s the dead of winter in Utah and riding is all but nil in northern Utah I would focus on where I ride when we begin to thaw.

When the snow begins to melt and I feel it’s become warm enough to ride which is a day time high of 50+ F. It’s my California heritage. I know that the hardcore are calling me all kinds of names but I like to ride with light clothing not heavy gear.

The place close to my house that I head to in the late fall and early spring is Five Mile Pass. Five Mile Pass is open year round. Five Mile Pass is located about 20 miles (32 km) west of Lehi, Utah on the Utah County and Tooele County line. The area, part of the Great Basin Desert is popular for motocross, off highway vehicle recreation, mountain biking, hiking, and camping.

Five Mile Pass is a high arid region ~20 miles (32 km) west of Lehi, Utah, that is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and is popular for motocross, off highway vehicle recreation, mountain biking, hiking, and camping.[1]

The area is on the Utah County and Tooele County line, and the Pony Express passed through the area during 1860-1861. The area also was traveled by the stagecoach and pioneer families heading west for Nevada and California. Other historical activities in the area include mineral mining and quarrying

I have been going to 5 mile pass since I bought my first jeep in 1993. Over the last 10 years two popular jeep trails here are Rattlesnake and Constrictor named and semi-unofficially maintained by the local off-road forum RockyMountainExtreme.

It’s a great place to go during the mud seasons.  5 mile as most locals refer to it as has become more popular each year. If you are crowd averse staying away during the weekends it probably a good idea. I love to ride Friday mornings. There are usually very few people out and about.

5 Mile Pass has hundreds of trails that are from noobie to expert with all different terrain for all types of riders. The main parking area is large and flat and on days where crowds are small is an excellent place to teach new riders the basics. On the warmer days there are higher altitudes that are cooler to ride and explore. There are other areas around the private gravel pit that have lots of cool jumps and hills to play around on.

More Photos from 5 Mile Pass, Utah West Desert.

5 Mile Pass Trip Spring 2012 Report

BLM’s Description

Description: Bring your OHV, ATV, motorcycle, mountain bike, or horses for some fun recreating within one hour of Salt Lake City.  Five mile Pass is a popular OHV play area where many people also come to camp out, especially on holiday weekends.  There is a large parking area for day users and many dirt roads for exploring, camping, etc.  Plans are in the works to install facilities here, including water and developed campgrounds — but until then, come prepared.  Currently there are four new restrooms, purchased with the help of Utah State Parks.

Elevation: 5300 feet.

Activities Available: OHV/ATV play area; dispersed camping (no picnic tables or fire rings).

Amenities: Parking/staging areas; vault toilets.

Regulations: No target shooting. No dumping of trash, carry it out. Check bulletin boards for seasonal fire restrictions. Pay attention to information posted on the bulletin boards and avoid riding near sensitive raptor nesting sites. Obey all OHV regulations.

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For more information about 5 Mile Pass Contact the BLM

Contact: Bureau of Land Management,

Salt Lake Field Office, 2370 South 2300 West,

Salt Lake City, UT 84119, (801) 977-4300

More information at

Some Videos of 5 Mile Pass