Utah ATV Trail: Hobble Creek Canyon to Strawberry Reservoir

Utah ATV Trail: Hobble Creek Canyon to Strawberry Reservoir

Strawberry Reservoir from Strawberry Ridge

The group that I ride with decided to venture out to Hobble Creek Canyon and ride to Strawberry Reservoir.  We met at the Wal-Mart in Springville, UT.

The trail starts at the end of the left (north) fork of Hobble creek canyon.  The trail begins as an easy dirt road with a small water crossing (seasonal).  There is a Boy Scout camp at the start of the trail. The first few miles you may run into boy scouts hiking along the road.  Be careful we noticed they weren’t overly bright and like to dart out in front of you.

The trail wonders up and out of the canyon at which point you gain elevation rapidly. The trail to Strawberry goes in a Northeasterly direction.  There are lots of trails in this area.  If you head north shortly before Strawberry peak you can ride to south end Wallsburg valley.  If you continue north-east, the trail will take you to the top of Strawberry Peak.  There are a few miles of rocky terrain to ride to get to the peak.  It is doable on a motorcycle but it is not for the novice motorcycle rider.  Atvs have no trouble on the rocks but again some experience is required.  I have ridden this trail on both a Yamaha Raptor 700 sport atv as well as a 4×4 Yamaha Grizzly. I have also driven these trails in various Jeep Wranglers without any trouble.

Strawberry peak is above the tree-line. The peak also has incredible views and mobile phone service.  It also hosts Utah Communications Agency Network (UCAN) communications equipment on it. The site is run by a large solar panel for power.

From Strawberry Peak, you can continue north and ride into Wallsburg canyon area.  Wallsburg canyon is a great little canyon with Wallsburg creek that flows to Deer Creek Reservoir. We were heading towards Strawberry so from Strawberry Peak we headed South East.  About 1.8 miles southeast of Strawberry Peak is the trail to Daniel’s Summit, it heads east.  I have never ridden to Daniels Summit but I have heard they are atv and snowmobile friendly. I do know that the food is delicious.  One way is about 17 miles directly to Daniel’s.

We continued south past the Daniel’s Summit trail and followed along Strawberry Ridge (Google Map).  From Strawberry ridge you can follow any number of trails east to the lake.

We rode within a few miles of the lake but due to fuel concerns we didn’t proceed further.  I know that you can ride to the lake and to the marina without any difficulty.  Bryant’s Fork Road (trail) to the marina is about 14 miles south of Strawberry Peak. The trail connects to Forest Service Road 131 and goes to the marina.  There are other lake access points along these trails.

There are hundreds of camping spots along these trails.

Other areas that are accessible from these trails include: Right Fork Hobble Creek Canyon, Diamond Fork Canyon, and Spanish Fork Canyon.

Final thoughts…

This is a great atving area.  While this area is frequently used, this area is remote so please use caution and prepare for any emergency you may encounter. Please wear the proper safety gear including: helmet, gloves, eye protection long pants and appropriate footwear.  It is patrolled frequently by forest rangers.  Be sure to license your vehicles and make sure that certifications and insurance are in place before using these lands. Please Stay only on the designated trails.

Trip Highlights:

Meeting about 1000 head of sheep on a steep trail.

Pond filled with Salamanders

Gorgeous Views

62 miles of great riding.

GPS Points:

Trailhead/Parking: N 40.237833  W 111.461817

Strawberry Peak:  N 40.252346, W 111.276655

Trail to Daniels Summit: N 40.24966, W 111.289444 or Google Map Trail

Trail to Marina: N 40.168872, W 111.226831

How to get Here

Directions to the trail from 400 South Exit off I-15 in Springville, Utah Directions to trail head from I-15:

Parking is along the road. The road is narrow. Be sure to park far enough off the road to allow traffic both directions. Be sure not to park at the end of the road. This is a school bus turn around area.  You can be ticketed. We went on a busy Saturday and there were only about 8 vehicles parked at the trailhead.

Area Over View:  Google Maps

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Trail Disclaimer

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