Cascade Springs to Deer Creek Reservoir

Cascade Springs to Deer Creek Reservoir


Cascade Springs is a natural spring on the east side of Mt Timpanogos and is a must see of the area. You can reach Cascade Springs by a number of roads and trails. You can take the American Fork Canyon’s Alpine Loop, Tibble Fork trail, North Fork of Provo Canyon or through Heber/Midway.

The springs are fed by precipitation from the mountains above. 7 million gallons of water a day reach the surface of impermeable rock, and flow out to feed the springs. There are two paths that lead from the parking area. One trail is mildly steep while the other offers a gentler slope. There is a combination of paved and wood paths that allow visitors to explore beautiful waterfalls and ponds.  Our daughter loves to visit.  The springs are full of brown trout.

Cascade Springs is atv accessible either through Heber or Tibblefork/Mineral Basin in American Fork Canyon.  If you head south out of the Cascade Springs parking lot you access Little Deer Creek Road. This is a trail that heads down the creek and ends at Deer Creek Reservoir.  The trail is fairly easy and has some excellent views of the mountains.  The trail used to follow the creek straight to the lake.  However now a large parcel of land (allegedly owned by the founder of NuSkin) is fenced off and the road follows the fence to the east.  This road will take you to Deer Creek.  Its not a long trail and there are a few spurs to explore.  Spring or fall is the best time to visit.

Photos are from  October 2002