Yamaha Moving Majority of Worldwide ATV Manufacturing to U.S.A.

Yamaha Moving Majority of Worldwide ATV Manufacturing to U.S.A.


Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A., (YMUS) and Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America (YMMC) announced today that the first production run of new all-terrain vehicle (ATV) models transferred to the U.S. from overseas facilities will take place this month at Yamaha’s state-of-the-art factory in Newnan, Ga.

The start of new ATV production in Newnan is a major step forward in the companies’ long-term strategy to transfer the majority of Yamaha’s worldwide ATV manufacturing to the United States. When complete, the production transfer could add 200 or more American jobs at Yamaha’s U.S. factory as well as additional jobs at the 125 North American parts supplier companies. The specific ATV models will be announced on June 8 as part of Yamaha’s worldwide unveiling of select 2012 model year products.

Yamaha ATV production is slated to ramp up in the United States to lessen the cost of making said vehicles and transporting them from Japan, the company said today.

As much as 80 percent of Yamaha ATV units will now be built at its plant in Newnan, Georgia according to Mike Martinez, who is the general manager for ATVs – Yamaha Motor Co. USA. The company plans to fully shift its production into the U.S., where ATVs have the biggest demand, in the next couple of years.

Yamaha ATV units are enjoying brisk sales in the U.S. where they have been manufactured since 1998. All-terrain vehicles are used for recreation, transportation, hunting, or sports.